Before you start your application process ensure that you have the following available:

1. A valid passport for a minimum of one year with at least 4 empty pages

2. A recent photograph with a white background suitable for official use.

3. The entire original supporting documents needed for the submission of the Visa. These documents vary depending on the Visa type you are applying to. Please read the list of document listed against your visa selection carefully.

4. Please note while submitting these documents now through the website will enable the authorities to make a decision on your application, it is mandatory to take the original documents with you when visiting the consulate for biometric data collection and interviews for verification purposes.

The process of applying for the online visa is based on uploading all necessary documents images in the specific and strict format that is compatible with the needs of the authorities in the consulate.

Note that the only way to upload the images into this website is to have them scanned and stored as files where you can brows and select them from your local disk. The website doesn’t support any live scan directly from the scanners and have to be done by browsing and selecting files.

Please ensure that all images are captured accordingly by setting your scanner to the following:

  • All scans should be done in gray scale. Please do not scan colored images or black and white.
  • The scan resolution should be set to a minimum of 100dpi and a maximum of 150dpi. Please ensure your scanner is set up correctly
  • All scan sizes should be a standard A4
  • When saving the images please ensure that you either save them as JPEG or TIFF format. For more info regarding these formats please click here.

As some supporting documents are in multi-sheets formats such as employment contracts or multi sheet invitation letters, it is important to scan the sheets together and save them as one file in a tiff format. Tiff, stands for Tagged Image File Format allow multiple sheets to be saved as one document.

Once all documents are scanned and saved in a local or mobile disk, then they should be browsed one at a time and uploaded into the website.

A verification process will take place once all are uploaded to ensure that all the uploaded images are compliance with the format and size specified. A preview window will allow the applicants to view all the documents that have been loaded. We strongly advise that this is done thoroughly so that any error or bad quality scan can be revised before the application is concluded.

The passport scan:

The photo scan

Supporting documents

File upload Instructions:Face image :

  • minimum allowed height is 496 pixels.
  • maximum allowed height is 744 pixels.
  • minimum allowed width is 381 pixels.
  • maximum allowed width is 571 pixels.
  • maximum allowed file size is 200 KB.
  • allowed format is .jpg/.jpeg

Passport image:

  • minimum allowed height is 340 pixels.
  • maximum allowed height is 720 pixels.
  • minimum allowed width is 480 pixels.
  • maximum allowed width is 1000 pixels.
  • maximum allowed file size is 300 KB.
  • allowed format is .jpg/.jpeg

Supporting documents:

  • minimum allowed height is 1150 pixels.
  • maximum allowed height is 1770 pixels.
  • minimum allowed width is 810 pixels.
  • maximum allowed width is 1250 pixels.
  • allowed formats are .tif/.jpg/.jpeg
  • maximum allowed file size for .jpg/.jpeg is 150 KB.
  • maximum file size allowed for .tif image is 10240 KB.