The Migration and Foreigners Service, abbreviated as SME, is the central executive body of the Ministry of the Interior, with administrative autonomy and budgetary management, which is responsible for executing policies and legislative and regulatory measures related to entry, transit, exit and control of the permanence and activities of foreign citizens in national territory, as well as study, promote, coordinate and execute the measures and actions related to those activities.

As a criminal police body, the EMS intervenes in the proceedings, under the terms of the Criminal Procedure Law, under the direction of the competent judicial authority.


The Migration and Foreigners Service (EMS) ensures the inviolability and security of the land, sea, river and air borders of Angola by applying the administrative and physical procedures legally envisaged. The SME fights migratory illegality and regulates the legal circulatory flows of people, in isolation and in collaboration with national and international authorities.


The daily activities of the Migration and Foreigners Service (EMS) are based on universal values:

• Integrity: immunity from grooming, corruption or other harmful phenomena for the execution of the mission of the SME is an indispensable requirement to take responsibility for the management and control of migratory flows to and from Angola, ensuring national border security.

• Legality: strict compliance and enforcement of migratory legislation ensures the correct interpretation of the rules in force in Angola, and the fight against migratory crime.