Best eSIM for Thailand Travel 6 Providers Compared

Thailand is a popular tourist destination with millions of visitors every year. As a traveler, it’s important to stay connected to the internet for communication, navigation, and entertainment purposes. While there are many ways to obtain mobile data services in Thailand, using an eSIM is often the most convenient and cost-effective option. In this article, we’ll explore the best eSIM options for Thailand and compare the plans offered by six different providers.

What is an eSIM?

Best eSIM for Thailand Travel 6 Providers Compared

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a digital SIM card that is built into your device. Unlike physical SIM cards, eSIMs don’t require any physical swapping or installation. Instead, you can activate an eSIM remotely through your device’s settings menu. This makes eSIMs ideal for travelers who don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying and installing a physical SIM card in a foreign country.

Why use an eSIM when traveling to Thailand?

There are several benefits to using an eSIM when traveling to Thailand:

  • Convenience: With an eSIM, you don’t need to worry about finding a physical SIM card vendor, queuing up and waiting for activation.
  • Flexibility: Depending on the eSIM provider, you may be able to choose from different data plans without having to commit to long-term contracts.
  • Cost-effective: eSIMs can save you money as they often offer better value for money than traditional roaming services which can be expensive.
  • Multi-device compatibility: An eSIM can be used simultaneously across multiple devices that support eSIM functionality.

Where can I buy the best eSIM for Thailand?

There are several eSIM providers that offer data services for travelers visiting Thailand. Some are global providers, while others specialize in Thailand. Here are some of the best options available:

  1. AIS eSIM: The largest telecom operator in Thailand, AIS offers eSIMs through their dedicated eSIM app. The app works with iPhones and Android devices, and you can purchase the eSIM plan online before your arrival in Thailand.
  1. TrueMove H: Another major telecom operator in Thailand, TrueMove H also offers eSIM plans for travelers. Their app is available on both iOS and Android devices, and you can buy a plan online or at their retail stores.
  1. SimJek: This is a global eSIM provider that offers affordable data plans specifically tailored to Thailand. You can purchase a plan through their website and activate it remotely.
  1. Similar to SimJek, this is another global provider that offers eSIMs for travelers visiting Thailand. They offer various data plans and packages for different needs, and you can purchase them online through their website.
  1. Holafly: A popular global eSIM provider, Holafly offers data plans for multiple countries, including Thailand. They have a user-friendly app for iOS and Android, and you can purchase a plan online before your trip.
  1. Simoptions: This is another global eSIM provider that offers affordable data plans for Thailand. They have different plans depending on your data needs, and you can purchase them online.

How do I activate an eSIM for my phone?

Activating an eSIM is a straightforward process that varies slightly depending on your device and the eSIM provider. In general, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Purchase an eSIM plan from your chosen provider.
  2. Download the provider’s eSIM app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Follow the instructions to scan the QR code provided by your eSIM provider.
  4. Enter the confirmation code provided by your eSIM provider to complete the activation process.

What are the benefits of using an eSIM in Thailand?

Using an eSIM in Thailand can provide several benefits:

  • No physical SIM card: You don’t need to worry about losing or damaging a physical SIM card.
  • No need for queuing up: You can activate an eSIM remotely, saving you time and hassle.
  • Multi-device compatibility: An eSIM can be used across multiple devices that support eSIM functionality, allowing you to stay connected across your phone, tablet, and smartwatch.
  • Cost-effective: eSIMs offer competitive pricing compared to traditional roaming services.

Which mobile network operators offer eSIM services in Thailand?

Currently only two of the three major mobile network operators in Thailand offer eSIM services, namely AIS and TrueMove H. While there are other providers such as SimJek, Holafly, and Simoptions that offer eSIM services, they typically partner with either AIS or TrueMove H for network coverage. data plans offers several different data plans for travelers visiting Thailand. Their plans range from 5 to 15 days and include various amounts of data, depending on your needs. Here are some of their most popular plans:

-5-Day Plan: This plan offers 5 days of unlimited data usage within Thailand. The plan costs $14.99 and is compatible with all eSIM-enabled devices.

10-Day Plan: For longer trips, the 10-day plan provides 10 days of unlimited data usage for $24.99. It’s also compatible with all eSIM-enabled phones and devices.

15-Day Plan: If you need even more data, the 15-day plan might be right for you. It offers 15 days of unlimited data usage within Thailand for $34.99. also offers a range of other plans that include voice call minutes and text messaging capabilities in addition to data. They also have options for travelers who need data services in other countries in Southeast Asia, such as Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Holafly esim plans

Holafly offers a variety of eSIM plans for different destinations, including Thailand. Their Thailand eSIM plan includes 5GB of high-speed data and is valid for 30 days. The plan costs $34.99 and can be purchased through their app on iOS or Android devices. Holafly also offers a multi-country eSIM plan that includes data services for several Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand.

Simoptions Plans

Simoptions offers a range of eSIM plans for travelers visiting Thailand, with different data allowances and validity periods. Some of their most popular plans include:

  • 6GB Data Plan: This plan includes 6GB of high-speed data that can be used for up to 30 days. It costs $25.90.
  • 9GB Data Plan: This plan includes 9GB of high-speed data that can be used for up to 30 days and costs $36.90.
  • Unlimited Data Plan: For those who need unlimited data, this plan offers unlimited high-speed data usage for up to 8 days. It costs $35.90.

All of Simoptions’ plans come with 24/7 customer support and can be purchased through their website.

How do I troubleshoot issues with my eSIM while in Thailand?

While eSIMs are generally reliable, there may be times when you encounter connectivity issues or have trouble activating your plan. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure your phone’s software is up to date: Running the latest version of your device’s operating system can help ensure that your eSIM functions properly.
  • Check your eSIM app settings: Ensure that you’ve entered the correct confirmation code provided by your eSIM provider and that your device is connected to the internet.
  • Restart your phone: Sometimes a simple restart can solve connectivity issues.
  • Contact customer support: If you’re still having trouble, contact your eSIM provider’s customer support team for assistance.


Using an eSIM can be a convenient way to stay connected during your travels in Thailand. With various providers offering affordable data plans that can be activated remotely, you can avoid the hassle of having to find a physical SIM card vendor. By following the steps outlined above, you can choose the best eSIM option for your needs and enjoy a seamless mobile experience while exploring Thailand. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, having reliable internet access on your phone can make your trip more enjoyable and stress-free. So if you’re planning a trip to Thailand soon, consider using an eSIM to stay connected.